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“Dick Siegel is a stellar songwriter, a superb guitarist, with a terrific voice and the sharpest of wits – just a great entertainer. It is no wonder that his fellow musicians call him a ‘songwriter’s songwriter.’" (Michael Erlewine, Founder of The All Music Guide)

"Siegel transmutes lyrical vignettes exploring longing, loss, memory, giddy joy and dread – the stuff of everyday life – into a reflective, utterly accessible personal mysticism . . . It’s the ultimate empathy.” (Detroit Metro Times)

“Dick Siegel makes music that is joyful to listen to. His songs inspire, make you reflect . . . he combines beautiful melodies with profound and often witty lyrics to create wonderful songs.” (Charly Mann, The Maverick Report)

"Someplace between Tom Waits and Johnny Cash lies the genius of Dick Siegel . . . Dick Siegel & the Brandos will shake up your audience, have them dancing in the aisles and rolling on the floor -- they're that good!"  (Craig Carrick, NorEast'r Music Festival Coordinator / Host of Carrick House Concerts)

" . . . a soulful songwriter, a true and important original, with a robust creative vein solidly rooted in jazz, but also capable of expressing himself through swinging blues and R&B, through folk and rock with great naturalness." (Out of Time, Milan, Italy)

"For a man who can - and does - turn a single phrase as easily as Louis Jordan and write killer, hummable melodies in virtually every music in the American vernacular, Siegel somehow manages to top himself this time out." (Thom Jurek, All Music Guide review of A Little Pain Never Hurt)

 “Dick Siegel swings!  ‘What Would Brando Do’ just kicked my butt!  Standing in front of us with a grimy guitar, in his Hawaiian shirt, kicking into some high energy scat, rap, and a cappella – this dude is versatile!  Way cool.”  (Folk Music Digest)

“. . . tight, percussive, startling . . . he is an undiluted original.”  (The Ithaca Journal)

“His live performance is as extraordinary as his skill in composing.” (Texas Music Café)

“Siegel is a Renaissance man.  His style careens through folk, bluegrass, old-time country and western, Texas swing and rockabilly – sometimes melding all these influences in the same song!”  (John Lofy, Ann Arbor Observer)

“Dick Siegel has created a stunning collection of original – and I mean original – songs.” (Sing Out! Magazine, review of A Little Pain Never Hurt)


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